Stuttgart Fire Department

The Stuttgart Fire Department (SFD) is a well-trained, extensively equipped, and progressive fire department that is always looking for opportunities to improve its fire service and protection skills. Compared to other communities our size, Stuttgart is in excellent shape regarding fire protection. We feel extremely fortunate to have such well- trained and equipped personnel.  We currently have an ISO class of 3, and employee 22 full- time, which includes a Fire Chief, and 3 Battalion chiefs.  The fire department is divided into a three-shift system with seven  on duty for a period of 24 hours a day which include Battalion chief, Lieutenant, 2 drivers and 3 firefighters. We staff 3 fire stations, which are strategically located within the city limits in case of an emergency.  Our Firefighters are subject to call back when a major fire occurs, and in addition we employee a minimum of 5 volunteers.

We are constantly striving to provide a higher level of service to our community and are continually training with such agencies as the Arkansas Fire Training Academy, the National Fire Academy, and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to provide a premium quality service. We employee multiple certified instructors within the department that can provide in-house training. In 2008 SFD began providing extrication and rescue services in Stuttgart and surrounding area. In 2009 the department began providing basic level medical emergency services to the citizens.

In the event of a medical emergency, citizens will receive fire personal along with an ambulance. This is done because we can arrive typically within minutes to start treatment during major life threats such as major bleeding, chocking, heart attack, or etc.       

We take pride in our community and the services we provide.  We provide annual inspections to local businesses.  Our fire prevention team enjoys spending time in the community to provide fire safety education information. We would like you to feel free to stop by any of our Fire Stations if you ever have any questions or just want to visit.

 Stuttgart Fire Department locations include:

·         Central Station, 1210 S. Main St., 870-673-3539

·         Station 2, 721 N. Spring St., 870-673-3356

·         Station 3, 2306 S. Main St., 870-672-4388

If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1.

SFD-Central Station